• 5 tips to keep motivated when learning online

    Learning online is different from traditional learning. It can feel harder to stay engaged, especially the longer we stay in social isolation – but these five tips can help keep you motivated and on track for success.

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  • Top 5 tips for successful networking

    Top 5 tips for successful networking blog

    Networking in the 'new normal' has significantly changed.

    From dipping rates of face-to-face networking events through to reduced attendances as a result of the pandemic, the challenges of effective networking seem to be very much on the rise.

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  • Is it ever too late to make a career change?

    Sometimes, we all need a change. Whether you’re feeling unfulfilled in a new role or are looking for something completely different after many years in the same industry, it’s never too late to make a career change. We’ll tell you why.

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  • How to write a good CV – our top tips for 2023

    How to write a good CV – our top tips for 2022 blog

    There it is… your dream job. The role description sounds like something you’ve always wanted, the perks are great, and the company looks an amazing place to work. However, the application deadline is looming, and you’ll need to submit a CV.


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  • What skills can I learn from home?

    The world around us is changing at an alarming rate, with technology and industries evolving all the time. This means there are always new skills to develop, and many of these we can learn at home. Maybe you’ve been debating a new career or simply want to increase productivity within your current role – whatever your reason, don’t hesitate: now is the perfect time to take a pause, re-evaluate and upskill.

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